Adult Education


Upon admission, all full-time students/families are assigned a learning facilitator with whom they regularly meet, either in person or online. Initial meetings revolve around getting to know the student and creating "best fit" plans and selecting engaging curricular resources based on students' interests and passions. Teachers work in conjunction with students and parents to adapt initial learning plans and adjust resources as needed to meet student needs while maintaining standards. 

 Adult Education (Continuing Education)

Upgrading, Graduation, Computer Courses - please see our courses list.  Select the course you are interested in to visit the course page  which will provide you with all of the information that you need to get started. 

EXCITING NEWS! Funding for Graduated Adults has been restored on the following courses that we offer:

  1. Communications 11/12
  2. English 11/12
  3. Biology 12
  4. Chemistry 11/12
  5. Physics 11/12
  6. Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 11
  7. Foundations of Math 11
  8. Pre-Calculus 11/12
  9. Calculus 12

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